The Measure of Sucess

Patrick Frachiseur



Hey guys an gals hope everyone had a successful spring turkey season, some people think that a successful season means harvesting a bird, an yes that does measure success, but to the ones that didn't have that kind of success, reflect back, did you have anything happen that you can learn from, whether in set-up, learning when to call, or perhaps a new area an you learned the terrain? We all cant be successful in harvesting a bird all the time but we can learn from our hunting experience to help us have a successful hunt next year.

Did anyone go with an aging Father or Grandfather, hear there stories of yesteryears? We can learn a lot from them an I will bet they will tell you the same thing, its not always about shooting an killing (although that does help) to be a successful hunter. I sure wish I could go with my dad again, here him say "boy you got to be still they will see you, you cant even blink at em", I learned a lot from dad an looking back I see each hunt whether we killed a bird or not was a success because I was with him doing what we both loved.

How many of us took our kids hunting an watched there faces when ol tom got fired up, I sure did an even though we didn't harvest a bird I can look back an remember the look on my sons face when ol tom finally showed up just out of range an I heard my sons breathing escalate. That is priceless as it was priceless the times I went hunting with my father when I was a boy an he was showing me the ropes. You see success is not just measured in harvesting a bird but to me harvesting time god has given me with my 2 boys, shooting a bird is just the icing on the cake..


Happy Hunting



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  • I think your message is so important for everyone to remember. There seems to be too much focus on just the killing part these days. I choose to call it “Harvesting”. Its all about camaraderie, memories, and passing it on the proper way to the next generation. I devote every spare second I have towards hunting and waterfowl taxidermy. It’s my passion. A story like this is a good reminder that there are others out there that feel the same and get the same out of this amazing way of life. Hunting. Cheers

    Jason Cyr

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